Hello everyone and welcome to another lovely Tuesday,

This post is dedicated to Labor Day; I hope all of you had a wonderful long weekend! Now I know what your thinking and the answer is no, I did not wear white after Labor Day, but even if I did, sue me :D.

Don’t be fooled by the sweetness and simplicity of this outfit, as it’s difficult to keep up. I’ve experienced all the bad that comes with wearing white, but since it’s such a great go-to color, who cares. As long as I make sure I watch out for flying pasta sauces and pen falls, I’ll be fine.

DSC_0049-min DSC_0056-min

For a girl who usually wears color, I gotta say, my style is really changing. I see this white midi-dress becoming a closet staple, all year around. Imagine wearing this dress with a turtleneck sweater, ankle socks, sneakers (preferably Stan Smith’s), and layered necklaces. See, I’m already reeling in the possibilities ^.^

DSC_00591-min DSC_0076-min DSC_0084-min  DSC_0115-min DSC_0130-min


❤ Dress: Aritzia

❤ Shirtdress: T by Alexander Wang

❤ Shoes: J Crew

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See you guys on the next post.

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