Warm Up For Winter

I don’t know about you guys, but I am always cold. And it doesn’t help that the coldest season is approaching. Throughout the years, I’ve worked on my winter style and have went from wearing a bulky parka and sweatpants to wool coats and trousers. Amidst this transition, I’ve also come across great ways in staying warm for say, long walks through the park or ice skating. Basically anything that involves being outside for long periods of time, I’ve found THE solution: Uniqlo HEATTECH.

In addition to my sweater purchases, I’ve stocked up on these lovely warmers as well. Here’s how they work:


I can definitely attest to this! They’re super comfy, affordable, offered in many colors and styles, AND they come in three different weights: Ultra Warm, Extra Warm and Regular. If you don’t like wearing lots of layers, wear Uniqlo’s Heattech underneath your favorite tops or alone. I’m so happy these exist, as they’ve honestly helped me in fighting the cold to finally enjoy the cold seasons OUTSIDE for a change 🙂

In what ways do you stay warm? Comment your answer below!

Top: Uniqlo Heattech

Jacket: Uniqlo

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Urban Outfitters (Splurge here, Save here)

See you all on the next post!

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