Ever feel like taking a stroll down your neighborhood to discover new things, new places while hanging out with the people that matter most? If not, you should try it. You might discover something great ☺️.

I love how Cami dresses are super versatile. For the dress I wore in one of my last posts titled Minimal, I decided to throw a sweater over it to accommodate the cool weather. It not only changed the look, but if anything, my dress now looks like a skirt.

White is never a hard color to work with as it goes with everything, but I do believe white looks best when paired with contrasts such as grey and black like so:

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Tell me your thoughts on sweaters over dresses in the comments below!


❤ Hat: Uniqlo

❤ Sweater: Banana Republic

❤ Dress: Aritzia

❤ Boots: Clarks (Most comfortable boots ever! TTS, size 9)

❤ Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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Hope you had a great weekend and see you all on the next look 😀

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