Straightening My Hair

Flat irons scare me; not only because of the heated plates that may or may not catch your ears in the cross fires, literally, but the fear also stems from my previous blow out experiences that I received so often resulting to heat damage.

Nonetheless, a couple years passed by and I became curious to see how my hair has grown since the damage. Because I felt I didn’t have the opportunity to see my true length in it’s curly state, I finally caved into the idea of straightening my hair.

Products I used:

1. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk
2. Tresseme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray
3. Pro Dryer
4. Goody Ceramic Paddle Brush
5. Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Hair Straightener (Check out more of their styling tools here!)
6. Hair Shears
7. Double Prong Clips
8. Satin Bonnet
9. IC Styling Gel
10. Soft Bristle Brush

Step 1 – Prep

Starting from freshly washed and conditioned hair, I sectioned out the hair I was going to work on first.
Using Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Transitioning Milk, I finger-detangled the product in to retain moisture and reduce breakage. After using this product, my becomes super hydrated and moisturized without the greasy feel post blow drying.

Step 2 – Blow Dry

Using: Pro Dryer
Rating: 4.5 stars on Amazon
The blow dryer you use has everything to do with getting salon results. Don’t get me wrong, having a quality flat iron matters as well, but you must prep your hair properly before straightening to avoid snags and unnecessary tangles. Trust me, I used a cheap blow dryer before and in no way did I get the results I wanted; in fact, I ended up straightening my poorly-prepped hair and couldn’t run my hands through without feeling a knot or two. Getting a quality dryer with multiple heat and speed settings gives you more control over the results you want.
On a high air flow speed and medium heat setting, I blow dried each section of my hair using the tension method. This method involves holding your ends with a ceramic paddle brush and moving the dryer up and down the hair shaft to stretch the hair. I like this method because it doesn’t involve constant manipulation, similar to using the comb attachment.

After blow drying, I twisted each section to get it out of the way.

Step 3 – Straighten

Rating: 4.5 stars on Amazon
After loosening the twists, I sectioned my hair once again. Using the Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Hair Straightener on 370°, I began straightening small sections by first passing a rat-tail comb through the section, followed by the straightener. In preventing heat damage, I try not to go any higher than 370°, as I’ll be using it again to curl later on.

About Irresistible Me Diamond Professional Hair Styler:

PROS: Smooth ceramic plates, easy to use, long cord, heats up fast, no displeasing smell.

CONS: Turns off automatically. Sometimes, I didn’t realize until my hair wasn’t curling. Just a slight annoyance, nothing too serious.

This was my first time using the flat iron and it worked well in achieving the results I wanted. The styler features a ‘unique diamond hi-tech that coats the ceramic plates with crushed diamond particles mixed with tourmaline’ as stated on their website. They also say ‘the diamond and tourmaline technology will protect your hair and keep all the natural hair oils, color and moisture in, leaving your hair healthy, shiny and frizz free’. Fortunately for me, I didn’t experience much frizz and after two weeks post-wash my hair went back to it’s original curl pattern. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a good quality straightener.

Check out more of their styling tools here!

In the box:

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Step 4 – Trim

Trimming helps get rid of split ends and keeps your hair growing healthy. My last trim was about a year ago… Yes, I said a year; it’s been awhile. During that time, I was still experiencing breakage from previous heat damage and noticed my ends were getting worse. So I finally decided to cut them off once and for all.
Please keep in mind, I’m not a hair guru! If you’re not comfortable trying this at home, then see a professional hair stylist. Because my hair has been professionally layered prior to heat damage, I had a frame to work with. Before doing it yourself, I recommend anyone in need of a trim, to first see a professional so you have a frame to work with as well.
To do this, I parted my hair in half and parted a thin section towards the back. I then combed the section outwards, followed through with my index and middle finger to where the brittle and dry ends started, then snipped away with a pair of styling shears. Mine broke, so I had to improvise with arrow point scissors.
I worked around from the back half of my head to the front to achieve even results.

Step 5 – Style/Curl

For this step, I curled my hair to add some volume. Using the Irresistible Me Straightener on the same 370° degree heat setting, I curled in a small sections, finger rolled, and secured with double prong clips.

After all was said and done, I covered my hair with a bonnet, and went to bed.

Step 6 – Take Down

Once the sun was up, I removed the bonnet and clips. Usually, I would add a light oil for extra shine or moisture, but I was satisfied.

I don’t have the thickest edges in the world and I honestly don’t want lose them, so I take it easy with the gel and very lightly brush back my edges to blend with the rest of my hair. Of course, if you like to do the cute baby hair swirls and what nots, to each their own.

In the end, you should have bouncy and snag-free tresses 😀


Hope this helps anyone looking to straighten their hair!

Until next time!

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