Spring into Frankie

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As one season passes we automatically begin looking forward to the next. Over a month ago, I was practically screaming for spring, and now you’ll find me in the bikini sections of my favorite stores and searching for flight deals to some tropical remote island. Basically, if it means no more lifeless flowers and ample amounts of ice cream, I’m all for it.

There was a time my impatience caught the best of me; in completely transitioning from winter right into summer, I’d find myself constantly making trips to my under-bed storage whenever the weather man predicted an unaccommodating mother nature. Now I refuse to make those same mistakes. In result, transitional staples have become my best friend.

Frankie, a luxe brand that encompasses minimalism at its finest, provides awesome necessary staples that help achieve your best looks, even during these confusing weather periods. Regardless if you’re a fashionista or a simple human being, you’ll always need quality staples. My rule of thumb: Choose quality over quantity and avoid the frustration of having to repurchase pieces that wear out so easily. Whether it’s a leather jacket and oversized sweater to help you through those chilly evenings, or a basic tee to rock for a sunny day out with friends, these are items you’ll never live without.

Frankie is made in Downtown, Los Angeles, and is dedicated to offering ‘ready-to-wear for the modern woman.’ Be sure to check out the rest of their lovely spring/summer collection.

Have you ever heard of Frankie?  Which is your favorite look? Comment below!

First Outfit

Sweater: Frankie

Pants: Aritzia

Shoes: Matt Bernson

Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Second Outfit

Leather Jacket: Frankie

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Public Desire

Sunglasses: Wear Me Pro

Third Outfit

Top: Frankie (Black here)

Jeans: A Gold-E

Shoes: Matt Bernson

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