Hello everyone!
If you’ve checked out my Instagram lately, you would see that I am a huge fan of sunglasses. Although I already own quite a few pairs, I would never pass up the opportunity to try out something new. With that said, I recently came across an eyewear brand called Polette, and got a pair that I believed would make a great and BOLD addition to my current collection.

Introducing the Scaphandre! Mirrored glasses with a hint of sass.

Lets just talk about this sheer dress for a moment shall we? It just gives me the ultimate chills sometimes seeing it on the hanger. Then, to pair it with a badass bralette that complements the deep-v back perfectly… Sigh* such a dream.

DSC_0049 copy-min
DSC_0109 copy-min
DSC_0153 copy-min

My favorite thing about these glasses are not only the color, but also the quality and price! I’m not sure about you guys, but finding great quality that’s affordable is not always the easiest task.

DSC_0157 copy-min
DSC_0158 copy-min


Sunglasses: Polette

Dress: Vintage

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Bralette: Brandy Melville

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Shoes: J.Crew

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
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