Mother Nature has been so kind to us lately. So far, she has blessed us with 70° to 80° weather where I can finally show some skin and sport some color. 

Now that my closet is finally free of space, I’ve been shopping around from Zara to Topshop, picking out different colors and styles. Blues, along with some softer tones—blush and tans—are currently my neutral favorites and I’m excited to start rocking these Spring/Summer colors this season!


I collaborated with Angela Roi to show you all the beauty of their designer vegan leather handbags and the charitable incentive behind every purchase. They are promoting the idea of looking good while changing lives—sounds like a good mix to me!

Location: 51st and 5th ave (St. Patricks Cathedral)

Bag: Morning Crossbody in Silver

IMG_6352-min IMG_6351-min

The site has a Donate by Color incentive where 10% of every sale is donated to a charity determined by the color of the item purchased. I.E. If you purchase a blue handbag, 10% will go to the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Angela Roi offers a number of vegan leather handbag styles in plenty of colors that you could wear day to day. Be sure to check out their selection, you won’t be disappointed!

Nkenge-5 (1)-min Nkenge-6 (1)-min Nkenge-9 (1)-min IMG_6350-min Nkenge-11 (2)-min

From top to bottom:

Jacket: Rebecca Minkoff

Top: Urban Outfitters

Bottoms: Aritzia

Bag: Angela Roi

Sneakers: Adidas

Get the look below!

Photos by Stephanie Sunderland

Courtesy of Angela Roi

See you all on the next post!

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