So in light of Black Friday, there’s a little case of Spirit Week going on at Aritzia. Monochrome Monday just passed and this is what I came up with 🙂 


It’s gotten colder over the past week, making this look not only appropriate for Monday’s theme, but also for the weather. I chose my two favorite closet pieces from Aritzia to achieve the look: the Poeta Sweater Dress and the Dexter Pant. What makes this look awesome? Well the sweater dress has a synched hemline, allowing me to pull it up to my waist for a boyfriend sweater look or pull down for a cozy dress look (look below). Also the pants are super soft and relaxed, giving me enough room to layer underneath for nippy times like these.


So tell me, how was my Monochrome Monday look?

If I nailed it, comment below 😀


❤ Sweater Dress: Aritzia

❤ Bottoms: Aritzia

❤ Oxfords: Nine West

❤ Socks: Uniqlo


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