3 Steps to the Perfect Minimal Workspace

Based on all the houses I’ve ever visited when I was younger, American, or not it was rather a custom to have a desk in your room so you can get work done. Period. However, for as long as I can remember, I never had one of my own. Even when I got my first laptop after graduating high school in 2011, I continued to work from my bed because I didn’t know what it meant to have a desk. When I started blogging, I then realized the importance of having your own workspace. Think of it as your own private space away from your bed that opens your mind to greater possibilities – an inspiration room, if you will. Ever since I finished my set up, I now feel more motivated, productive, and comfortable working.

With that said, here are 3 easy steps to help you attain the workspace you deserve without wasting your wallet:

1. The Basics: Desk & Storage

I don’t know about you, but I like being comfortable while I’m working. I’m able to get more things done without complaining about unnecessary things, like my back. Having the right set up is key in achieving your perfect space.


Since I currently have a small room, I needed a desk that wouldn’t take up too much space. I preferred one with a drawer, as you can never have too much storage. For these reasons I chose the Altra Parson’s Writing Desk for $70 and it ended up being the perfect size for my room and desktop computer.

And if your lighting isn’t that great, try a desk lamp!


If you’re going to have a desk, you’ll also be needing more space for your extra staples, rubber-bands and other supplies. With all of this in mind, you’re going to need some storage space! I got a stackable drawer set from Michaels for $45. It has 4 drawers and holds everything from papers to my cords. Since my desk has a built-in drawer, that’s where I hold the rest of my other supplies (pens, pencils, etc.).

2. Inspo Wall

Here’s where your creativity comes in. Are there any special quotes, role models, DIY art, news clippings, or other things you find inspiring? Just ask yourself,

What do I want to wake up to everyday?

I chose Muhammed Ali because of his intellect, a quote I strongly believe in, and a DIY wreath to display my statement sunnies. I also used a magnetic wall strip and a DIY frame-turned-memo-display to pin my to do’s, reminders, memories and other important things. Just have fun with it! It is your personal space at the end of the day.

FYI, I got the DIY idea from a cool blog called Little Things that posted multiple ways to up-cycle your frames! See the post here.


To Do’s – I like to set daily to-do’s and reflect on them after the day is done. I find this very helpful in keeping me on my toes when trying to organize my daily tasks. Create your own memo display or use a magnetic strip and pin some reminders up to help you do the same!

Calendar/Planner – We all have smartphones that convince us how handy they can be with their extensive calendar and alarm features. However, there’s just something pleasingly vintage about manually crossing out the days of the week on a printed calendar. If you feel the same way, get yourself a printed calendar for your wall or a substantial planner for your desk. It adds a touch that’s becoming quite unique nowadays.

3. Decor

Now you could either stop here or, much like @nusr_et‘s sensual ways of food preparation, you could sprinkle some extra flair into the mix. In addition to color schemes, you may want to add a fur throw, a plant, stylish curtains or your most inspirational reads to really make your space unique to your personality! For example, since I love marble so much, I used marble floor tiles for my table top. See some of my favorites including the floor tile I used below.


Screensaver: Flip Clock

Computer: iMac Late 2015 8GB RAM 1 TB Fusion Drive

Polaroid Photos: Fujifilm Instax Mini

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