Miami – Week 2

Now that I’ve been to Miami twice, it’s official, you can call me a local!
Okay… Maybe not a ‘local’, but I do have some knowledge to share with you, from nightlife and dining experiences to other awesome outings you can try out whenever you decide to visit this beautiful city!


If you’re following me on Instagram, you probably saw some of the delicious mouth watering meals I’ve had on my trip. Here are a few of my favorites so far:

Havana 1957 (Revisited)

Location: 819 Lincoln Rd/405 Espanola Way | Instagram: @Havana1957

For an awesome cuban cuisine Havana1957 has a huge selection of dishes to choose from! I recommend their Family Traditional Roasted Chicken meal (bottom-left) and their lobster and shrimp dish (top-center).


The Continental Miami (Revisited)

Location: 2360 Collins Ave. | Instagram: @Continental_Mia

On my second visit here, I convinced my friends to get one of my favorites, the steak and eggs. As for me, I tried their lobster mac n’ cheese, and it was so delicious. The atmosphere is great, colorful and tropical. Be sure to check them out!


The Sarsaparilla Club (NEW)

Location: One 18th St. | Instagram: @SarsaparillaClub

We never had a chance to try out their main menu, but I can imagine from their exotic appetizers and tasty Southeast asian and Americana dishes on their Instagram feed, I’m sure it’s amazing!

Their venue is located by the beach, just off the pool deck of the Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach hotel. So before you eat, soak up some sun, catch a swim, and warm up in their hot tub, because you’re in for a treat!


Maxine’s Bistro & Bar (NEW)

Location: 1756 Collins Ave | Instagram: @Maxinessbg

An overwhelming menu but delicious nonetheless, comfortable outside seating and great food. We just happened to catch the ending of their Mimosa happy hour ($5 each), so of course we had to get some drinks. For our meals, my friends got a great chicken and waffle dish, and I chose their tasty lemon half chicken. Super flavorful and at a great price!


I’m not much of a ‘turn up’ type of gal however, if I’m celebrating a birthday, or on vacation, I’m a different breed… As long as you can keep me awake lol.

I love all types of music such as house, hip-hop, rap, and dubstep — it all depends on my mood that night. Here are the places I went to and mini reviews of each venue.


Location: 235 23rd St. | Cover Range: $20+

How we got to this place is a bit of a mix-up, as we were walking down the street around 10pm and a promoter (looking off-duty) stopped us and asked what we were doing that night. She gave us all the details and provided us with a semi-filled booth and everything FOR FREE.

We went on a Thursday and from the music playlist, I knew it was throwback Thursday all the way. They played old Beyonce to Ashanti, but it was good vibes nonetheless.


Keep in mind (For groups with males)

In Miami, especially South Beach, girls can get in for free at most clubs. As for guys, well they unfortunately have to pay. When we got to Mokai, us girls went in first, but the one guy apart of our group had to pay a $40 cover and he wasn’t even allowed into the booth! What a waste. Just make sure your wallets are prepared for cases as such.

Brick House Lounge

Location: Wynwood | Cover: Free ($20 on Sundays)

This has to be one of my favorite clubs during my time here. The music is just right and the crowd is always lit. Mind you, we left for clubbing usually after 12am, so who knows how the setting is before those hours. However, I always have a great time here.



Wood Tavern

Location: Wynwood | Cover: Free


Blume Nightclub

Location: Wynwood | Cover: Free

This would have been a great experience if there wasn’t so many girls — at least 65%. However, we made the best of it, as the music was pretty good. They played a mixture of music from House to Hip-Hop. It’s a great time if you’re with a group!


Recommendations I’ve gotten from locals to consider for my next trip:

Liv Nightclub

Location: 4441 Collins Ave. | Cover Range: $20 to $100 (Depends on who is there)

From what I hear, Liv is super live on Sunday’s!



Purdy Lounge

Location: 1811 Purdy Ave. | Cover: Free
They have two rooms, one that plays a mix of music from house to Hip-Hop, and a back room for mainly dancehall music!



So if you plan to take a trip to Miami, hope this helps you on your journey!

Have a great time and don’t go crazy haha.

See you on the next post!


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