The Bethany Satchel by Hazlmay

When it comes to bags, however indecisive I can be, I know exactly what features work for me. I love structured bags, specifically mini or large satchels that have some type of shape to it. Compartments are also my best friend, as I prefer an organized set of belongings over fighting someone at the turnstile because I was taking too long to find my Metrocard. Low maintenance, durability and minimal aesthetic are also a must AND it needs to have a crossbody option, since clutches nowadays require more attention. Is this too much to ask?

As you can see, I’m super picky when it comes to bags. This is why I always get excited when I find one that’s perfect for me. When I came across Hazlmay’s Bethany satchel, I first examined all ends to see if it met my above standards and it did! In reference to my criteria above, here was my breakdown:

✓ Structured? Check. For its large size, its shape holds rather well.

✓ Compartments? Check. There are 6 to be exact, each in different sizes to hold all your essentials and then some.

✓ Low Maintenance? Durable? Check. Its magnetic closure makes it super easy to close. It’s also made of faux leather material, so not only is it durable (water resistant), but it’s also easier to clean.

✓ Minimal Aesthetic? Check. It’s a solid neutral and is also offered in black. PLUS it has a croc embossed style that I’m just swooning over.

✓ Crossbody Option? Check. There’s an adjustable strap to accommodate all heights and personal preferences. It’s also removable, for more professional looks.

And not to mention price! Just under $65, I got a bag that works well for school and play. Need I say more?

Hazlmay offers a number of different bag styles to fit any style. They “deliver handbags embodying trending styles, playful textures and colors that are easy on the eyes.”

Have you ever heard of Hazlmay? Are you into structured bags? Comment below!

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Bag: Hazlmay

Top: Uniqlo

Pants: Vintage

Shoes: Blowfish

Sunnies: Polette

Until next time!

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