Miami: Day 1 & 2

So today marks the second day of a 9-night trip in paradise Miami Beach, Florida and I have some wonderful pictures for you :D.

When I first reached, the weather was not the greatest. It was raining constantly with humidity almost at 100% and some areas were pouring more than others. Since it’s my first time in Florida, I honestly didn’t know what to expect, other than what I’ve seen online and on the weather channel. Luckily, after a well deserved nights rest, I woke up to sunny skies and beautiful summer weather. Here is some highlights of my trip so far:

Day 1 Highlights: Collins Strip / FL Cafe

I kept my OOTD pretty simple. Wore my favorite sunnies by Polette, a pair of Levi’s shorts, my super comfy platforms from H&M (on Sale now) and my go-to leather jacket for temperature drops throughout the day. As for this awesome top, I got it from Bandier, and absolutely love that it makes a statement without saying a word. Plus, it’s are super versatile. (Outfit links are found at the end of post)

Usually on my first day of travel, I try to get as many tourist-y stuff out of the way as I can. Although this day felt incomplete without a trip to the beach, I enjoyed the walk nonetheless. One aspect of Miami Beach I enjoy the most are the colorful buildings, which you won’t find in New York City unless it’s a museum of some sort. NYC’s environment is very Gotham-like, dark and industrial, especially in the winter. On the other hand, Miami is like a paradise – sunny and inviting. I feel like I’m seeing the sky for the first time haha.

On 14th ST & Collins Ave, my cousin and I found a great brunch spot called FL Cafe to settle our cravings. For drinks we stuck with water, but for our entree, you can see we had a pretty busy table. A classic burger and fries for me and a tasty salad for my healthy-conscious cousin.”Can I eat now?” were his words exactly after multiple attempts at the perfect food shot. Even when I didn’t get it right the first time, he dug in anyway. We ended the meal with a delicious cheesecake dessert that cousin immediately devoured at first sight, so there went that photo. Family, I tell you haha.

All in all, I enjoyed the Collins Ave scene greatly. Loads of 5 star hotels, scooter babes living life, luxury cars casually roaming about and the weather was just right.

Day 2 Highlights: Continental / Ride Along 2

Day 2 was definitely more relaxed than the first. At the start of the day, I missed breakfast and decided to take a walk and find something to eat. Continental was the first place I spotted passed the lake that bridged between our hotel and Collins Ave, so I decided to give it a try. It didn’t take me long to get through the menu, as I knew I wanted something filling, but still breakfast-y. When I was seated, I ordered a latte and requested a design, but they didn’t do those :(. I then ordered my steak and eggs; medium-well and poached. Took less than 20min for them to deliver, and boy was it worth it! I mean the roasted peppers, garnished sauce was the best touch for this classic dish.
After my lovely meal, my cousin and I went to see Ride-Along 2. I’ve been a Kevin Hart fan since forever, so I was a little excited. I can’t get over the characters he plays. Whether it be a cop who just graduated froms the academy, or a salesman trying to be a thug, I find him entertaining everytime. I rate the movie 4/5 only because I feel the ending could have been better and the trailers pretty much showed all the funny scenes of the movie, nonetheless, you never let me down Kevin. Don’t ever stop smiling!

Now excuse me while I add Miami to the list of possible moves in my life, right next to Cali 😀

Photo cred: Jay Peterkin (@_the.woods)


Top: Private Party

Shorts: Vintage Levis

Shoes: H&M (On Sale Now!)

Jacket: Mackage/Aritzia Exclusive

Sunnies: Polette

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