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Hello everyone!

It’s Thursday and the rain is finally falling in New York. This saddens me because I actually believed the sun would stick it out for few more days, no matter how muggy or humid it got, I had hope tear*. Well wherever you are, I hope your skies are clear and that the beginning of Fall begins on the day it’s supposed to -_-.

Nevertheless, I have a post here for you all to get your mind off rainy days. This was a risky one as it includes clothing I never worn before in my lifetime, but because I love changes and am always open to all things new, I don’t mind.


So I’m sporting some awesomely fitted flare denim and a cute sweetheart off-shoulder bustier top. I have always wanted to get a few of these tops, as they can really dress-up any look, however sizes has always been an issue for me. I’ll always seem to find one that fits my bustline, but is too small for my actual bust -_-… the struggle.

DSC_0212 copy-min

This one fits perfectly and I of course paired it with a strapless bra from Vicky Secret to keep the goodies up all day with no problems. Wink wink, cough cough.
DSC_0240 copy-min
DSC_0279 copy-min
DSC_0281 copy-min
DSC_0284 copy-min

As I looked at myself more in the mirror, I really began to love the look entirely. From the crop bustier to the fit of the the jeans from top to bottom,  but I took matters into my own hands, and now I have an additional item added to my wardrobe to play with :D.

Let me know what you think!



 Bottom: The Castings Jeans (Aritzia)

❤ Shoes: H&M (Same style different brand here!)

❤ Necklace: Gorjana

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