My name, Nkenge, is Nigerian for Superior Mind. This meaning paved the grounds for my lifestyle and my blog.

I see Superior Minds as a culture of deep-rooted individuals who surpass skin color and stereotypes.
They are well-informed, striving to learn and cultivate.
They are poised. Heads always held high with confidence and words spoken with eloquence.
They are fighters, driven to the last breath.
But above all,
They are unapologetically superior.

Through a series of mini-stories, reflections, and reviews involving all things UNIQUE, FUN, and FASHIONABLE, itsNkenge focuses on spreading self-confidence motivation to superior minds everywhere.

Take a look around and discover your superior mind! Skim through the above navigation to find my personal style, tutorials, raving reviews, funny stories, travel logs and much more!  I’m sure you’ll like what you find. 🙂


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