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A New Year

Welcome to the first day of 2016 guys! How great does it feel to enter another year even more healthy and beautiful then you were? A whole lot of good,  doesn’t it? XD

This past year started off a bit rocky with managing school, work, and my blog, but when the summer came, I got the hang of it. Besides, what’s a year without mistakes and losses? If you don’t experience them, then you can’t learn from them or evolve to be a better person. It’s the growth that matters at the end of the day and I feel I have accomplished enough to leave the year a bit more knowledgeable than how I entered it.

For 2016, I decided to challenge myself and follow a wise quote by Shonda Rhimes,

“Don’t dream, just do.”

Some of us tend to dream for success and beauty, but never put in the work. We think too much to the point that it never happens. For example, I may wish one day for my butt to be as fit as Misty Copeland, however if I’m not exercising or even dancing ballet to begin with, than my dream will never happen. This year, I would love to sway from that notion and take action. If you can believe it, than you can surely do it!

Things to look forward to this month:

  1. Visiting the oh so beautiful Miami, Florida for the first time 😀
  2. Work part-time/School full-time starting late January. Hard times are ahead of me guys, wish me luck!
  3. The start of my Youtube Channel!
  4. Travel and Make-Up category additions to my blog!

So at least there’s a bit of balance to the start of my new year. A well deserved vacation and a couple of blog improvements before my senior year begins. I’m sure January will be a breeze because time goes by fast when you’re having fun!

About the Look

In New York, the typical New Years outing would be the 2016 ball-drop viewing at Times Square, however with Isis continuing to be a worldwide threat and my lack of patience and reluctance to sleep outside amongst thousands of people, waiting for performances to begin, I decided to keep it simple and gather a few friends for a fancy dinner at Texas de Brazil, an all you can eat buffet.

As you can see, I went all out.

Let’s talk about these shoes for a second!


I got these lovely & comfy heels from Sole Society. For a day like New Years, you’re going to need some comfort and how happy I was to know I could walk in them around the house without hurting myself! I can’t wait to bring these babies out to Florida and wear them with my sundresses and jeans.

How was your New Years night?


❤︎ Jacket: House of Mackage // Aritzia Exclusive [Size XS]

❤︎ Top: Aritzia [Size 0]

❤︎ Bottom: Vintage H&M // Elizabeth & James has one just like it here

❤︎ Shoes: Sole Society [Size 9]

❤︎ Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac


Shop the look below!



See you all on the next post.

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  • Layla Crummer

    This dress must be fashionable in 2016!!!

    • Thank you! I checked out your site, amazing styles!

  • OMG Nkenge, this look is gorgeous. So simple and elegant, perfect for NYE! These photos are stunning as usual. Good luck with starting school and I’m looking forward to the launch of your YouTube channel!

    – Maya at

    • Thank you Kelly! You’re comments are always so kind <3 Can't wait as well! Trying to get some videos ready before school starts ^.^

  • I love it! What a sleek look and how poised you are in the dress! Happy new year to you, girlie. Tell me when you’re on YouTube, I will be the first of the firsts to follow 😀 <3

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • Thank you Shanaz! HNY my love, always a pleasure to see your comments! I will definitely let you know, as well as when I get my Beauty page starts haha <3

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