Is it just me, or does 23 seem like the oddest age of your 20’s? Even my Dad can’t stop reminding me about how much closer I am to 25, 30, then — the scariest age of them all — 50! I guess growing up has both its burdens and blessings; Although you get more responsibilities, you do become that much smarter than you were the age before.

LOCATION: Lincoln Rd. Miami, Florida

To me, birthdays mean three simple things:

  1. Aspiration – Becoming the person you want to be.
  2. Acclimation – Adapting to this improved you and owning it.
  3. Application – Applying all that you’ve learned so far until your next birthday to come.

It’s an accomplishment, a new found level of commitment with a change for the better.

In other words, life goals… Life goals everywhere.


Black lace is such an elegant and timeless material. What better way to wear it, than with a bold red lip! There are no additional layers to this dress, allowing you to see the floral lace details against your skin from top to bottom.

It was super hot in Miami, so a slip-dress (to wear underneath) was a no-no for me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my outfit and every bit of my special day!

Here’s to another year of appreciating life to the fullest and having no regrets 🙂


Dress: NastyGal

Shoes: Topshop (ON SALE NOW)

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